The BioCoin.Life Foundation is a non-profit organisation, established to create a global currency that solves a critical problem: a lack of economic incentives to catalogue, map and help preserve biodiversity for the sake of maintaining a healthy planet.

This lack of an economic incentive leads to a dearth of information upon which communities, companies and governments can make rational decisions about preserving ecosystems, dealing with biosecurity issues, or even just understanding the tradeoffs that result in the context of economic development.

The collective activity of government organisations helps contribute to biodiversity data (e.g. the activities of organisations such as national museums). The pro-bono activities of "citizen scientists" (and the technology developed to motivate them) also help overcome, to some extent, the dearth of biodiversity data. But these efforts are still somewhat limited compared with the magnitude of the task. In addition, the efforts of both governments and the general public tend to be concentrated in easily accessible environments, such as designated wildlife habitats or parks near urban areas.

The result is that only around two million of an estimated eight million species have been identified, and their levels of abundance and movement in local ecosystems, over time, is not well known or updated.

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